Blind Cafe Auction List

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Auction! Auction! Auction!

Blind Café is getting ready to hold its 7th Annual Fall auction fundraiser:

The date for this event is September 7, 2019, at 1 pm.

It will be held in our Premier Events Room

The purpose of the event is so Blind Café can continue bringing you friendships, educational classes, and entertainment and assist our Blind Community in any way we can:

Your donated items, along with your generous monetary donations will not only benefit the site

but our auction will be fun and exciting for our members.

We are looking for any homemade craft items, any delectable homemade breads, jams, pickles, muffins, desserts or any other item that you think our

members would like.

In the area of technology: canes that you don’t use anymore, cell phones, talking watches, talking dictionary’s, color readers, money identifiers, KLM readers, Braille writers, victor streams, talking calculators and clocks. Memory cards, headphones, computer speakers, I pads and any other product that you think would benefit another member.

We are also offering sponsorships of all our wonderfully named rooms on the Cafe.

For a starting bid of $30, you can have your name on one of these

rooms or name a room of your choice,

please be mindful that our cite is family-oriented and therefore room names must be responsible one’s.

You can also sponsor one of our Blind Café performers

and the fun part is you get to choose the song you would like to hear them sing.

Songs will be negotiated within 7 days between the buyer and the person who donated their talent.

The songs will be performed at our November 1st, 6th Annual Birthday Bash, our MVM Chuck Has written another one for us.

We appreciate any items donated. We ask when you donate please let us know the physical condition as well as the working order of your donation.

We also ask for as much as a description of your item as possible make or model number and any other pertinent information about the item.

We also ask anyone who is donating to pay for the shipping of that particular item to the winner of that bid.

If you are not prepared to ship out of the country, please let us know in advance.

If you wish to donate an item to this fundraiser, please, contact:

Also, please be advised that Blind Café can only be responsible for the sponsoring of the Café Rooms.

Remember, you are making a donation and if your item is not shipped to you, there are no refunds by the Blind Café.

If the person donating the item fails to ship your item within a one year period

the person or people will not be allowed to bid or donate in any further Auctions.

Everybody is welcome to this event, even if you don’t donate any items, you can still bid on any item.

You are welcome to come by and join in the fun.

Any and all donations will be gratefully appreciated.

At the conclusion of the auction on September 7, 2019, please send all donations for winning bids to the address below.

Once your donation has been received, we will promptly ensure that the respective auction donator is notified to ship your item as soon as possible.

If you are unable to attend the auction but wish to make a tax-deductible donation,

please send your check to:

Blind Café Inc.

10001 Chesham Drive

Orlando, Florida. 32817.

Please make sure you put donation in the memo field for your tax records.

If you prefer to make your donation through Pay Pal or credit card,

the information you need is:

Blind Café thanks you for your support. See you at the auction.

Listed below are our items up for auction:

If you have any questions about the donated items below please email Patti W at:

Room sponsorship:

Auction Items just in time for Christmas!

Items for sale from, Collectables by Blind Café:

15-ounce coffee mugs $15-Your choice black or white

T. Shirts Assortment of colors-$25

Flip Flops-small, medium and large-$22

Hoodies-Assortment of colors-$40

Windbreakers in an assortment of colors. $40. There is an inside pocket for a cell phone and stripes down each side of the jacket. I own one of these myself.

Aprons, Bathing Suits, underwear, Beer Cozy’s, Fridge Magnets, Back Packs, Polo Shirts, and over 250 other items all with our logo.

*All our clothing is by high-quality companies.

Taxes and Shipping will be applicable in Florida.

DJ Packages $35

DJ Sponsorship available for $35

1, Item donated by Blind Café 3rd Generation Echo Dot. Starting bid $35

2, Donut and Coffee Shop

3, Item donated by Patti. 1 set of scrubbie’s. Your choice of color. Starting bid $8

4, 1 Logitech 600H, Headset. Starting bid $30

5, 1 microwave rice maker with locking lid. Starting bid $15

6, Premier Events Room

7, 1 em Pow corporate keyboard. Starting bid $25

8, Item donated by Julie P. Chocolate covered raisins

9, Item donated by Blind Café. Logitech 600H headset

10, Happy Birthday Room

11, Item donated by Blind Café. 1 3rd generation Echo Dot. Starting bid $35

12, 1-2 Terra bite hard drive. Starting bid $65

13, Murder mystery Room

14, Item donated by Julie P. 1 batch of Orange tea cookies 

15, On Broadway

16, Item donated by MJ. Franck’s Coffee

17, Bistro

18, Item donated by Patti W. 1 set of Patti scrubbies.

19, Café After Dark

20, Item donated by Julie P. 1 batch of Orange Tea Cakes

21, Item donated by Jonathan’s Wife. Virginia’s sugar cookies

22, Senior Moments

23, Verandah

24, Item donated by Julie P 1 Assortment of English Candies.

25, Tom and Jerry

26, Three’s Company

27, Item Donated by Julie P. 1 Batch of Chocolate covered Pretzels

28, café comedy lounge

29, Item Donated by MJ. 1 bag of Greek Coffee

30, Item donated by Julie P. 1 batch of Strawberry tea cakes

31, Item donated by MJ. 1 batch of chocolate cookies

32, Item donated by Julie P. 1 bag of digestive cookies

33, tv land

34, Willie’s cinema

35, Item donated by Blind Café. 1 16gig flash drive

36, Item donated by Laura D. 1 very delicious loaf of Amaretto Bread

37, Item donated by Patti W. 1 set of scrubbies

38, Tiki Game Hut

39, zilch out

40, Item donated by Blind Café. 16gig flash drive

41, Item donated by Blind Café. 1 Microwave Rice Maker with locking lid

42, At the hop

43, big band sounds

44, Item donated by Julie P. 1 batch of raspberry tea cakes

45, country music room

46, Jazz and Dixieland

47, Item donated by Patti. 1 last set of scrubbies

48, Pirates cove

49, Item Donated by Julie P. 1 batch of chocolate covered Pretzels

50, Item donated by Julie P. 1 batch of strawberry tea cookies


51, Rick


53, MJ

54, Glenda

55, Johnny L

56, Matt

57, The Dragon

58, Danielle

59, Item Donated by Patti. One set of her scrubbies

60, Item donated by Blind Café. 1 pound of chocolate Carmel turtles. Starting bid of $38

61, Item donated by Blind Café. 1 3rd generation Echo Dot. Starting bid $35

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