Hello and welcome to the blind Cafe


It’s the hottest, most happening place around on the web. Where the Blind Community is inspired and entertained! it’s a great place to learn, laugh, chat and make long lasting friendships. There is always someone to greet you with a friendly smile.  Blind Café is totally free! All you need is a headset and a microphone to get started.


Join us for our weekly Craps, Texas Hold Em and Black Jack Tournaments with gift cards for our year end winners. Come and try out our awesome stereo music rooms and our challenging trivia games. We offer an array of tutorials on programs, such as N. V. D.A, Gold Wave, New I-Phone Ap’s and much more or just join us for an interactive chat! Blind Cafe is totally accessible and easy to use. We send out a daily schedule, along with a monthly newsletter full of our members activities and thoughts. We will keep you well informed of our current and upcoming events! For example, every spring we have a bake sale and in the fall, we have a technology Auction and ask for donations of unwanted items such as, talking calculators, talking watches, victor streams, I.D Mates or computer speakers that you may have up graded but others may be in need of. Link to auction page? The proceeds from these events is what helps us give back to our members. 

Blind Cafe.net has donated over $15,000 back to our community with your generous donations. Blind Cafe.net chat community is made up of over 44voice chat rooms, link to rooms page that are extremely user friendly, and all you need is a head set and microphone to get started. 

Blind Cafe.net is a completely free, totally screen reader friendly voice chat site for the blind, their friends, and family. 

Our members come from every corner of the world. We may have many different cultures, but we all have one thing in common and that is similar experiences of living with visual impairment. 

At Blind Cafe.net we share our hopes, triumphs, experiences, laughter and sometimes our tears. 

You are just one step away from joining our community and participating in a wide variety of presentations, chats, games and special events.