Events on Blind cafe

We have Something For Everyone


Monday through Friday 7am to 9am Coffee and Donut Shop. General Chat with a variety of hosts. You might even find a Board Member or 2 lingering around the coffee pot!

Monday through Friday. 10am to noon Scooby’s Sports Bar: “Where everybody knows your name,” Drop by for some Sports Chat

Monday through Friday. Noon to 1pm Lunch time chat with a variety of hosts.

Open 24 Hours-Dice World Room. Play your Dice World Games and chat with your friends at the same time.


Monday 11am and Friday’s at 4pm: Ditch Em Dice. it’s a game of Zilch, Farkle, Lucky Roll and Texas Hold Em all rolled into one game!



Saturday, Sunday’s and Monday’s. Black Jack Tournaments.

Monday’s and Thursday’s: Mississippi-A game where you go from being an Immigrant to a President.

1st and 3rd Monday at 8pm:  Connect 3-Do you know what, door, window and eye glasses have in common? If so then this is the game for you

2nd and 4th Monday at 8pm: Outburst: Can you name the same 10 items that the host came up with on their list.

Monday’s at 9pm:  Turn Around Trivia, your best guess, movie Trivia, four play-These are all word games.

Tuesday and Thursday’s at 2pm: Zilch- A Tournament Dice Game

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 4pm:  Afternoon chat on the verandah

1st Tuesday at 8pm:  On Broadway Musical’s  

2nd Tuesday. No Holds Bar Trivia

3rd Tuesday. What’s the Word -Can you guess the theme before the 5th word is given?

4th Tuesday Stairway to 7-If you can climb the stairway your team will get all 7 points!

Tuesday at 10pm:  Quiz Party – On Quinton’s Playroom

Wednesday& Friday at 2pm-Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm:  Texas Hold Em Tournament

Wednesday’s at 8pm: Hidden Treasures an Anagram Game

1st & 3rd Wednesday’s at 8pm: Pub Time Trivia at 8pm:  A Variety of questions ranging from 2 to 20 points. Teams are separated and then re-unite for the answers

2nd and 4th Wednesday at 8pm Jeopardy

Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 10pm. Craps – A Dice Tournament Game

Thursday’s at 8pm:  Musical Bingo

1st Thursday at 9pm:  Payback – If you think you don’t know the answer, why not payback the other team and make them lose the points? That’s of course if they get it wrong!

2nd Thursday at 9pm:  Logos -How good are you at naming Brands, Products and their slogans?

3rd Thursday at 8pm:  Wheel of Fortune -Based on the TV Game

4th Thursday Word Search -An Anagram Game


Friday’s at 8pm:  It’s A Very Good Year- A Word Music Game.

1st and 3rd Friday at 9pm:  Alphabet Soup –  A game where every answer begins with a letter of the alphabet

2nd & 4th Friday at 9pm:  Pig – Can you get to 100 before the dealer rolls a 1

Friday’s and Saturday’s at 11pm:  Texas Hold Em Tournament

Sunday ‘sat 8pm:   Chain Reaction – A game where the top word connects with the one below

Sunday’s at 9pm:  Buzz Word – A game where the buzz word is in every answer

* Please note:

Should there be a difference of opinion pertaining to the game rules or the correct answer to a particular question during game play, the decision of the host is final. Our hosts have made every attempt to ensure that their games have correct and precise answers, however, mistakes may happen and all attempts to correct these mistakes will be made. Remember it is just a game and we are here to have fun with each other not to out do or out smart each other.